2Chainz (2014)



  • Extremely rigid.
  • 2 Speed, ball shifting gear box.
  • Programmed in Java & converted to Python
  • West coast drive
  • Actually has 6 chains

2014 Competition History:

  • Greater Toronto Regional West Quarter Finalist
  • Waterloo Regional Winner
  • St Louis. World Championships Division Semi-Finalists


2Chainz was originally coded in Java although later converted to Python for the off-season

Both versions of the code can be found here

Things changed:

Drive Type: In Java the robot was tank drive (dual joysticks) in Python it was driven in cheesy drive (Xbox 360 Remote)

Removal of Subsystems: In Java the robot had “wings” when converted to Python the code for the “wings” was removed.



2014 Drive Team:

Coach: Sebastian V.

Driver: Mohit A.

Operator: Luke G.

Human Player: Fanny Z.