Build Blog 2016

2016, February 23rd

The pneumatic system was finished. The shifters and intake pistons were hooked up. The programmers did a systems check and the driver got some drive practice in. Progress was made on the hard stop shot. The robot was bagged at 10:00pm.




2016, February 22nd

The flywheel was machined for the shooter. The flat belt was welded for the intake.


2016, February 21st

Today the programmers got some time with the robot to test the intake rollers and the guides.


2016, February 20th

Assembly of the intake began. Some team members continued work on the practice bot.



2016, February 19th

Some team members began making the intake rollers with PVC pipe and paint on urethane. Assembly of the top part of the chassis continued. Work on the practice bot electronics began.File_000(3)



2016, February 18th

The gearboxes for the competition bot were built and assembly of the overall drivetrain continued.

File_000 (1)


File_000 (2)

2016, February 17th

The team received the metal order from our wonderful lasercutting sponsor Superior Metal Fabricator. Assembly of the electronics on the bellypan began.

File_000 (1)

File_000 (2)

2016, February 16th

Assembly of the drive train chassis began.


2016, February 12th

Some of the team members began assembling the custom gearboxes for the drive train.

File_000 (2)

2016, February 10th

More orders from Vex and Andymark came in today. Some of the team members machined parts for the drive train on the CNC mill today. Part of the media team worked on the robot cart.File_000 (1)


2016, February 9th

Another Vex order and Mcmaster-Carr came in for the team today! Some members began painting the new robot cart.

File_000 (1)

File_000 (2)


2016, February 8th

Team 5699, The Robosapiens (From Forest Hill C.I) came for a visit to use the team’s defenses. Orders were made on Vex, Andymark and Mcmaster-Carr. The team also set out an order for metal for the robot from our wonderful sponsor Superior Metal Fabricators. Some members of the media team began sketching the logo on the new robot cart.


File_000 (1)

File_000 (2)

2016, February 4th

More work on the bumpers was done. More CADing was done.



2016, February 3rd

The team decided on going with a uni-bumper this year and work was started on them. More iterations on the CAD were made. A robot cart was made. The team’s Vex order came in.



2016, February 2nd

 The team did some machining in the machine shop. Bumper material was purchased and the team’s second FIRST Choice products arrived. Some members started working on a robot cart. More work on the CAD was done.


2016, February 1st

Some of the mentors built a box tube cutting tool. Machining was done in the machine shop. The team started ordering parts from VEX for the drive train.



2016, January 29th

More iterations were done on the prototype. The team’s first Andymark order of the season arrived in the mail.


2016, January 25th

Exam week. No meetings in the lab this week until Friday. Further work on the CAD was done.


2016, January 21st

The angle for the hooded shooter was determined. More work on the CAD was done.

2016, January 20th

A prototype for the intake hood was made. The team decided to switch the mini-CIM running the intakes to a 775-pro with a versa-planetary gearbox. The batter for the tower was built.



2016, January 19th

A claw prototype was started. Instead of an eight-wheel drive, the team switched to a six-wheel pneumatic drive with a center drop. The team received their new Talon SRX speed controllers.

2016, January 18th

Work on the new CNC router was done. More iterations were done on the hooded shooter prototype. The intake was mounted on the prototype with poly cord on two rollers run by a mini CIM.


2016, January 16th

Some of the team members finished building the high goal and low goal out of wood. More iterations were made on the prototype for the hooded shooter to reduce the height of the robot to be able to traverse under the low bar



2016, January 13th

The team talked about the benefits of having a hooded shooter over a turret. Some team members went to Forest Hill C.I to help out their team with strategy.

2016, January 12th

On Tuesday, the team began prototyping a shooter and continued building the defenses. The drive train CAD was nearly finished and the team decided on having an eight wheel drive with pneumatic wheels.



2016, January 11th

On Monday, some of the team members began building the defenses out of wood. Other team members continued going over the rules and brainstorming ideas for robot design and strategy. The team decided on building a short robot. The goals for this robot would be to go under the low bar, traverse most of the defenses and to shoot into the high goal using the batter as a hard stop.IMG_20160115_165109347


2016, January 10th

The team met up again on Sunday to talk more about robot design and to discuss questions. The team decided on creating a robot that could traverse most of the defenses. The team discussed the benefits of having a low robot over a tall robot and ideas for the drive train. CADing of the drive train began.


2016, January 9th

On Saturday January the 9th, FIRST released the season’s new game “Stronghold”. The live-stream began at 10:30am. After the initial game reveal, the team went over the rules and broke up into five groups. At around 4:30pm, the team got back together to talk about ideas for strategies and robot design. The day ended with some of the team members going through the kit of parts.

Game Animation:

The Game Manual is available here.