Cosmos (2017)

Cosmos (Left, Blue) & Wanda (Practice Bot, Right, Red)


  • Geared to 16 fps high and 5.5 fps low
  • 4 CIM 6 wheel west coast drive with WCP DS gearboxes
  • 2 CIM powered climb
  • Hook on knot styled climber with funnel for improved rope acquisition and touchpad activation
  • Low mounted gearboxes for lowered CoG
  • Climber geared for a 1 second assent
  • Secure hold on gear while traversing field
  • Gear rotation slide to orient gear in most beneficial way
  • Full specs available here

2017 Competition History:

  • ONT District – Georgian College Event: Finalist
  • ONT District – Georgian College Event: Creativity Award Winner
  • ONT District – North Bay Event: Semi-Finalist
  • ONT District – North Bay Event: Quality Award Winner
  • ONT District Championship: Innovation in Control Award
  • FIRST Robotics St. Louis Championship: Archimedes Sub-Division Finalist

CAD Release:

Final revision coming Fall 2017

Code Releases:

Main robot code available here

Vision code running on the Nvidia Jetson TK1 available here

2017 Drive Team:

Coach: Meetkumar P.

Driver: Alex C.

Operator: Ryan L.

Human Player: Cyrus F.

Pilot: Ashley D.