Kobayashi (2016)




Kobayashi (Left, Red) & Excalibur (Practice bot, Right, Blue)


  • 4 CIM WCD with 8” pneumatic wheels
  • Custom 2 speed ballshifting gearbox (Low gear: 8fps High gear: 14fps)
  • Programmed in Java
  • Actuating hood
  • Can traverse all defenses except for category C (Drawbridge & Sallyport)
  • CIM powered flywheel shooter
  • Can shoot in both high and low goals
  • Slick vinyl bumpers
  • Weighs approximately 102lbs.

2016 Competition History:

  • Greater Toronto Central Regional Quarter Finalist
  • North Bay Regional Quarter-Finalist
  • Waterloo Regional Quarter-Finalist

To see the build blog, click here.

CAD Release:

CAD of Kobayashi is in Solidworks 2015/16 and is available here

Code Releases:

Code for Kobayashi is in Java (deployed in Eclipse), and is available here

Code for Kobayashi’s vision system (Never used in competition) is available here

2016 Drive Team:

Coach: Meetkumar P.

Driver: Alex C.

Operator: Ryan L.

Human Player: Daniel G. & Asha M.