Rookie Info

Rookie FRC Team Help

Getting sponsors:


  • Ask the parents of the team members to talk to their bosses/companies about being sponsors
  • Setup a web site for your team where you can display your sponsors. Include information on how to sponsor the team, and consider grouping your sponsors into tiers where different contribution levels can result in perks/privileges.


Build Season:


  • Try and get parents and mentors to bring meals for the later night the team works, this will help you save some money down the line.
  • Don’t overwork your team. If you notice that your team is tired out and you don’t have much to do one day, see if its possible to do it the next day.


Competition Tips:


  • A regional competition has a small percentage of rookie teams, if you want to stand out from the other rookie teams, act like a veteran team. A cool thing you can do is make buttons that team members can hand out and trade with other teams.
  • Since teams consist of more then just drive team and pit crew, try running rotations through the pit, so that everyone can be useful.
  • Scout! Scouting is an awesome way of keeping track of what teams are capable/incapable of doing. Also, if you’re either an alliance captain or a 1st pick, scouting data is great to have to help you pick from the remaining teams.