Tachyon (2015)

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Tachyon, made for the 2015 game, Recycle Rush.


  • Intakes have current monitoring, preventing jamming and increased intake speed
  • Programmed in Python
  • Full stack in 13.25 seconds
  • Fully automated stacking
  • Anti-jam Algorithm
  • Active stack stabilization
  • Custom 4 CIM WCD Gearbox

2015 Competition History:

  • Windsor Essex Great Lakes Regional Quarter-finalist
  • Waterloo Regional Quarter-finalist
  • Greater Toronto Central Regional Quarter-finalist

Tachyon’s Code

As stated above, Tachyon is coded in Python.

The code is available here 


2015 Drive Team:

Coach: Sebastian V.

Driver: Alex C.

Operator: Meetkumar P.

Human Player: Sam B.


Tachyon Media